Drew Mochak

Hi, everyone! I’ve been playing games since I was 5 years old, with Mario on the original Nintendo. It blew people away that I could play without looking at the screen! So that is how I play today: with the monitor off. It’s not just for style points; I was born mostly blind. While have some usable color vision, I am unable to distinguish fine details such as text or most objects on a screen. This does not stop me from immersing myself in new and exciting game worlds, even on the hardest difficulty! I play a little bit of everything, but action/RPGs like The Last Of Us are my jam. I also enjoy space combat, survival horror, fighters, puzzle games, racing games, adventure games side-scrollers, and even the occasional animated novel! Whatever I am playing, it will be different and a little unusual. Enjoy!


Mastodon: objectinspace@mstdn.io